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Pre-Order "PLATFORM"

Pre-Order "PLATFORM"

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Pre-Order Info:
PLATFORM will ship early 2024. The pre-order price is $350 CAD. The product launch price will be $699.99 CAD so ore-order to save! 

Please indicate which type of power chair you have in the special instructions box at checkout. 

PLATFORM is a heavy duty trailer that provides both max utility and maximum fun. PLATFORM can be used as a regular utility trailer to haul your groceries and luggage. Or it can be used as a step-on platform to pull a friend and enjoy a ride in “tandem” configuration.

Dimensions and limits:
Width of platform: 15 inches
Length of platform: 13 inches
Weight of trailer: 6 kg
Load Limit: 100 kg

PLATFORM has a heavy duty steel frame and durable plywood platform. All components have been selected for maximum durability and zero defects when operated within limits. It can be equipped with a variety of wheels and comes standard with a 5x1.5 durable solid tyre wheel. PLATFORM fits Permobil power-chairs M3-M5 and F3-F5 series, and can be adapted to other power chair models.
PLATFORM, when mounted, can be in a lowered (working) position or in a folded (non-working) position. When folded, the platform’s wheels do not touch the ground and thus you can travel without extra noise.
PLATFORM protrudes beyond the normal power wheelchair end in both working and folded positions, so extra care needs to be taken when operating the power wheelchair with PLATFORM attached, especially when backing up or turning in one place. In both cases the power wheelchair should be put in motion carefully as to not inadvertently injure a bystander. PLATFORM itself can be damaged as well if it strikes a solid object.

Life-time warranty. We will repair any breakage that has resulted from normal operation or wear and tear, except for wheel or wheel bearing replacement. Any warranty related shipping expenses need to be covered by the customer.

We ship to Canada and the USA for $25 flat fee. Note this product does not have a set shipping date yet. You will be notified when your order is ready to ship


Please note, users should consult with their OTs or other healthcare professionals to make sure the product is suitable to their needs and safe for their use.

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