Q. - Was this invented by someone that has ever used a wheelchair?

A. - Yes! It was invented from necessity by someone who uses a wheelchair. It lets people with full or limited hand function securely access their drink - 100% of the time.

Q -  Why is it priced at $44.95?

A - HandiCup is the only wheelchair cupholder the mounts on the interior perimeter of the chair, this feature means it never gets knocked off or breaks when going through a door. If used correctly, you'll never have to buy a wheelchair cupholder again! It is also made in Canada.

Q. - Why would you want something between your legs?

A - Anybody who uses a wheelchair knows that the most common place to keep “things” is in your lap, not the best idea when carrying a hot beverage and risk burning your skin. HandiCup solves that with its unique and most commonly accessed mounting location.

Q. - Is it only for wheelchairs?

A. - Absolutely not! It works great on a couch, work truck, your classic car, by the pool, even on a boat! Just check out our FB and IG posts!