What is HandiCup?

handicup on wheelchair

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I think it’s an awesome product I’ve had different types of cup holders on my chair over the years, but get fed up with them always getting knocked off my chair.  Saw this and said it’s the best design I’ve ever seen! Using my new HandiCup is going to be a fantastic improvement over anything else I’ve had as a cupholder. Keep inventing, we need people like you with creative minds in our community. Thanks!

Philip from Brantford, Ontario

I love the HandiCup.  It’ll be well used, and if the need arises I’ll be able to carry a drink for a friend as well. It’s also going to be easier to go through a door without losing a drink! 

Barbara from Kingston, Ontario

For any of fellow wheelchair users this is the greatest invention since sliced bread. The HandiCup has made taking my drink with me so much simpler. HandiCup is placed in the most convenient place. It makes it so simple to access your beverage of choice. Trust me these by far are the best cup/bottle holders ever invented. They were invented by fellow wheelchair user.

@keyup2626 from Instagram

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