Why HandiCup?

NEVER SPILL A BEVERAGE: The unique location of the HandiCup allows you to go through doorways and narrow openings without ever knocking off the cupholder from a perimeter mounting to the chair.

ADJUSTABLE AND ACCESSIBLE: Adjust HandiCup bottom for any thermos or paper cup. The front and side notches allow people with limited hand function maximum opportunity to pick up a beverage.

MADE FOR EVERY CHAIR: Easily slides under the cushion of any chair with no tools or other parts required. Becomes securely mounted once you simply sit down.

UNIVERSAL AND MULTI-PURPOSE: Carry wallet, sunglasses, purses, keys and phone safely where you can see them. Gives you the ability to carry two beverages at the same time!

Handicup will help you get through door ways, easy access for different level hand function, store your belongings, and can be used on a couch. it slides under the seat cushion